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24-year-old pregnant Saltanat was driven to suicide! Will the perpetrators be brought to justice?

Bakyt Nazaraliev, a resident of the Toktogul district of Jalal-Abad region, appealed to the “Kylym Shamy” Office. He believes that his sister Saltanat was driven to suicide by her husband and aunt.

On November 2, 2021, Saltanat was found hanged in a shed located in the courtyard of the house. The examination established that Saltanat was pregnant (the deceased was five months pregnant).

Bakyt Nazaraliev received a suicide note from his younger sister, in which it was stated that her husband Zalkar and aunt Nazira pushed her to suicide, who often reproached her for everything, humiliated her, and her husband also beat her. Saltanat pointed out them as the culprits in her death.

In a statement to the police, Bakyt Nazaraliyev pointed out that Zalkar and Nazira were guilty, and a criminal case was opened only against Zalkar and he was taken into custody for only a month. He also said that investigator Aibek Toychubekov somehow lost Saltanat's suicide note, which was originally in the materials of the criminal case.

Now the investigation denies this, although a photo of a suicide note and an audio recording where it is heard how Nazira exerts mental violence on Saltanat are attached to the statements. But the investigation does not want to ensure the completeness, objectivity and comprehensiveness of the investigation of the fact of death and bring all those responsible to justice!

Bakyt also wonders why Saltanat's sister's phone was found with Nazira's son after her death, why the investigator did not carry out a timely seizure of the deceased sister's phone, why Nazira's son gave the phone to the investigation only after a few days.

In order to give an objective conclusion, experts (specialists) should study the suicide note and audio recordings simultaneously with the documents characterizing Saltanat, the testimony of witnesses who witnessed mental and physical violence. By the conclusions of the forensic medical examination, during which lifetime injuries were found in Saltanat, the investigation, on the contrary, divided these types of examinations and appointed a separate forensic linguistic examination, the conclusion of which cannot give an objective picture of the causes of Saltanat's death.

One has only to guess why the investigation refuses the lawyer of the injured party to satisfy the request for the appointment of a comprehensive forensic linguistic, post-mortem psychological and psychiatric examination. The lack of reaction of the supervisory authority to all these facts is also worrying.

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