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OF “Kylym Shamy" is actively raising cases that have been standing still for many years!

At the moment, OF “Kylym Shamy" is actively raising cases that have been standing still for many years!

We would like to draw the attention of specialists and lawyers to resume these cases!

One of them is the case of Bakyt Sultekov.

When Bakyt came with the teacher of the Chui orphanage to the office of “Kylym Shamy”, he was 17 years old. His fate was very difficult, his parents died, and Bakyt remained in the orphanage. His older brother was an invalid of the first group. He was also in an orphanage for several years, and when they turned eighteen, the children left the orphanage and found themselves in the care of relatives in the Naryn region.

Bakyt was a very smart young man. According to him, when his parents were alive, they lived in a beautiful house on a large street in Bishkek. We went together and looked at his house. Having seen the extension to the house, it became obvious that new residents live in the house.

In fact, the house was registered to Bakyt's father, but five other people were registered in it, who later appropriated it to themselves. We hired a good lawyer. A lawsuit was filed in accordance with the Civil Code. The judge handed over the house to Bakyt.

In addition to the new tenant of the house, for which Bakyt fought, five other people lived in it. We sued only one of these five people. After that, the tenant's wife appeared. The trial has begun. We won. Then her daughter appeared. When the trial began, the girl made a power of attorney for another person and disappeared. The trial was postponed. At that time, a year and a half had passed since Bakyt turned to us. Meanwhile, he worked at a service station, washed cars, slept there and lived to earn money. The judge announced the search for their missing daughter and postponed the case.

Thus, while the judge was looking for this girl, time passed. Bakyt did not come to the office for six months. We really started to worry. And they called the kindergarten teacher, who in tears reported that Bakyt had been killed and he was no longer alive. The next day we received pictures and a medical report.

Bakyt's body was found in the BCHK. In the first photo, Bakyt was naked, his knees were bent and wrapped with barbed wire, and in another photo his back was bruised.

The results of the medical report showed that when Bakyt was thrown into the water, he was alive. He was beaten, his hands and feet were tied with barbed wire and thrown into the water alive.

The perpetrators in this case have not been identified. It is not known where Bakyt's disabled brother is.

The materials of Bakyt Sultekov's case are kept in the “Kylym Shamy” archive. If there is a lawyer who can continue this case, we will provide a copy of the materials.

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