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The human Rights Center "Kylym Shamy" is concerned about the placement of Kursan Asanov in pre-trial

The human Rights Center "Kylym Shamy" is concerned about the placement of Kursan Asanov in pre-trial detention center-50 and demands:

1. From the Prosecutor General's Office, judicial authorities of the Kyrgyz Republic: urgently review the measure of restraint of K. Asanov, since his placement in the pre-trial detention center-50 is unacceptable.

2. From the State Penitentiary Service of the Kyrgyz Republic: take all measures to ensure the safety of K. Asanov during his stay in pre-trial detention center-50.

K. Asanov is a general of the militia, he held the position of Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic. His placement in a special-regime pre-trial detention center, where persons who have committed serious and especially serious crimes, including court-recognized terrorists, repeat offenders and members of organized criminal groups, are serving their sentences, raises concerns about the safety of his life and health.

The UN Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners require an individual risk assessment, which is extremely important for ensuring the personal safety of each prisoner who may become the object of harassment and violence. In no case should they be kept with persons capable of such actions.

The Law of the Kyrgyz Republic "On the procedure and conditions of detention of persons detained on suspicion and charges of committing crimes" requires that suspects and accused who were employees of internal affairs bodies should be placed separately from other suspects and accused.

Not so long ago, in April 2017, there was an attempt to commit suicide in Kyrgyzstan by the then-detained, current President of the Kyrgyz Republic, S. Zhaparov. His family said that he was forced to say that this was a suicide attempt and the authorities are putting pressure on him. Then our organization also appealed to the authorities with a demand to investigate this fact and ensure the safety of S. Zhaparov.

As for the pre-trial detention center-50, it is known for the sad events that occurred in October 2015, when a mass escape of prisoners was committed and three employees of this institution were killed. These facts indicate that the institution itself and its walls are not provided with adequate security.

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